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Transcribe The Word is designed for you to quickly learn and dive into the verse(s) of the day based on a monthly theme of Christian living as it pertains to praise and worship or struggles and hardship. As you write out the daily verse(s) you'll meditate on what God is saying directly to your heart. Gods word is not dead, but alive and applicable to today's living!

Here's what you'll receive on a monthly basis: 

  • A printable intro introducing the theme with a "break out of the norm" simple daily request.
  • A printable page with the monthly scriptures that will be written on a daily basis.
  • A printable journal to easily write down your verses, along with places along the margins to jot down ideas, comments, questions or just to draw and doodle whatever comes to heart. You can also underline and highlight words or verses that come alive!
  • A printable bible verse of art to frame, share or memorize for that month.
  • A personal journaling ebook that you can order, download, print and write in each day as a priceless keepsake!

Every month we will take time to focus on Gods word that will be put to paper in just 10-15 mins a day that can be transcribed in your personal journal, notebook or journal page(s) I provide. Feel free to use your favorite bible translation of choice, but I'm using the English Standard Version.

If you happen to miss a day, it's easy to catch up. I don't want you to ever feel overwhelmed or it's something else to mark off your to-do list. It's just a simple commitment that will change your busy, hectic, life for the better - verse by verse, word by word.

At the end of every month, you will find a genuine closeness with God that's easy and habit-forming. Gods written word will also remain in your heart as a shield against whatever life throws your way!

If you're excited like I am - please Join Us on the 1st of every month and sign up below! Along with my monthly scripture writing tool you will also receive (or continue to receive) devotionals, latest books, faith-based tools and all things that empower your walk in Jesus! I promise to never spam or share your personal info with anyone... :) 

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